Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, start the new week with a new band.....

Well, maybe not the newest band, but new enough and new to you, my band, The Involuntarys.

Check us out here:

We're also on facebook:

There is a little player at the bottom of the window once you enter the site, this will shuffle through our newer album, which we recorded in July, I believe.  Our stuff is also available on iTunes if that's your thing. The Site is in need of some updating, I grant you, but the player that lets you hear the songs is worth the visit.

We have two full-lengths. I joined just after they finished the first one. The first one is a very "Dropkick Murphy's" type street punk sound. Very basic and driving.

With this latest release, our members have switched around a bit. When I joined, I was rhythm guitar, beefing a 3-piece up into a 4-piece allowing the original guitarist to play more solos and provide a fuller sound. Now he has moved several states away, so I became lead and we've taken on a new rhythm guitar player.  He's good with backing vocals and can write songs cleverly; definitely a good fit. With these transitions, our sound evolved. Our songs are quite varied these days. None are interchangeable, I think, but there's still a strong sense of unity to the record. I'm really proud of it and think you'll like it, even if punk isn't your bag, I'd wager there's a song for you.

The overall sound is very punk, but the style from song to song differs, there's a reggae inspired song, a few that are only a minute or so long and super-fast, some longer 2-3 min ones that are "NOFX-y" if you will, a couple are more "rock" oriented... it's a decent disk people. So, I hope you enjoy what you hear. My favorites are "Born to Die" "Daniel Plainview buys a Field" and "Airbrushed Under the Rug"


  1. good luck with your new band! ;)

  2. The music is good, but the quality could be better. On tho other hand, it really reminds me of some punk music events.

  3. very interesting stuff

  4. will definitely check your band out later when i get the chance, bookmarked.